What is Foodaid.fi?

Foodaid.fi is a service for those looking for and organising food aid. On the website, you will find up-to-date information on food aid events and community meals in your chosen region.

Registered distributors, such as associations, parishes and municipal actors, announce their events using the Foodaid.fi website. Further information on each event as well as the contact persons for them are mentioned in the event notification. Hundreds of actors all around Finland organise different food aid events and community meals.

Foodaid.fi service has been provided by the Church Resources Agency in co-operation with its partners.


Food distributions, common meals, inclusion and well-being

A total of 20 million kilos of food aid is distributed in Finland every year (the Natural Resource Institute Finland 2020). More than 1,000 associations, organisations, parishes and other actors provide food aid, either as their main occupation or along with other activities. It is estimated that approximately 100,000–200,000 Finns have the need for food aid annually.

Distribution events are the best-known way of organising food aid. For these events, foodstuffs donated by supermarkets, wholesalers and factories are distributed to those who need them. They can either be collected in ready-packed grocery bags or the people can select and pack the products themselves.

Community meals, shared lunches and breakfast or snack services have become a more common party of food aid activities over the past ten years. Shared meals provide the possibility for people to communicate with one another, get acquainted and experience meaningful moments.

Whether it is food distribution or a common meal, the food aid activities of today support the well-being of aid recipients and facilitate their inclusion in a way that goes beyond food. Guidance and counselling services, group activities and employment-promoting work are also integral parts of food aid.

“Osallistava yhteisö” is a nationwide development project of food aid

“Osallistava yhteisö” is a nationwide, three-year development project concerning food aid. The project is funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations and administered by the Church Resources Agency. The project employs a project manager and an online communication developer. All activities are implemented through co-operation with food aid distributors and networks.

Project activities include:

  • Joint development, maintenance and support for the implementation of the online platform Foodaid.fi
  • Promotion of nationwide co-operation
  • Support for local co-operation networks
  • Promotion of types of work that increase inclusion
  • Compilation of the best practices in food aid activities

From the year 2022 onwards, Foodaid.fi will continue its activities supported by action aid from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations.

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